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JOL - Jolanta Pachowska - Kurzewska . Architekt wnętrz

Jolanta Pachowska-Kurzewska - interior designer, artist. She works on the interior design field from 1983, currently under the aegis of JOL-interior, which is an intimate design office offering services in the field of interior design. From advices, by developing the concept of arranging both small and large living areas, and entire public buildings, the precise design, selection of materials, equipment, accessories and thorough oversight of project executing.
Distinguished by the artistry in the projects. Each client’s subject is developed according to the requirements and tastes of the customer by ensuring functionality, aesthetics and the correctness of the idea. Long experience supported by a thorough education, practice and trainings.
The advantage of the studio is a synergy of two forces: the experience and Jolanta’s artistic sense and the youthful imagination and creative ideas of arch. Philip Kurzewski, with whom the company cooperates. This, combined with an individual approach to each project makes spaces realized in the studio JOL-interiors unique.
The company works with all kinds of specialist whose work can recommend. The customer can and returns to his designer, who always puts maximum effort to understand his needs.

Jolanta Pachowska - Kurzewska biography:
Master of Art
The artist.
The interior designer.
The member of The Association of Polish Artists (SPAP).
She studied in the State College of Arts in Poznań at the Interior Design Department having her creative relations with Professor Magdalena Abakanowcz's studio.
Then she continued her studies in the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw at the Interior Design and Painting Department.
She took a degree in 1982 as a specialist in interior designing (at Professor Wiesław Nowak's studio) and unique tapestry (at Professor Wojciech Sadley's studio).
Since her graduating she has accomplished her artistic purposes actively working both on creating her unique tapestry and on interior designing.
In this domain she has designed the stands of prestigious commercial events.
She has also designed jewellery, television and theatrical sceneries. She has taught weaving techniques makrame and drawing.
One of the programs on Polish Television was devoted to her activity in the domain of her artistic tapestry.
She twice participated in the International Congress of Visual Artists in San Francisco and Vancouver. As the only artist from Poland she represented the Polish circle of artists in these multinational congresses. Her delivered paper entitled "Using the ecological  materials in art and the contemporary Polish tapestry" was heard out with great interest of the audience.
She has been invited to take part in the international competition exhibitions in Kyoto (Japan), London (Great Britain/ The United Kingdom), in Hungary and Pittsburgh (USA) many times.
She has participated in the symposia for designers organized by Italian, Spanish, German and Swedish companies making furnishings for interiors and supporting the new material achievements.
She has taken part in the series of broadcasts advising as far as the arrangement of the interiors is concerned.
In 1996 she designed the school rooms in the Stefan Batory secondary school in Warsaw on the occasion of the visit of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in Poland.
The prestigious monthly Businessman Magazine in its permanent supplement Dom (man, designing, architecture) has placed her name on its ranking of creditable and recommended interior designers.
She has designed the interiors both of small and large flats and those of private residences and architectural monuments and manor-houses.
She has also accomplished the commissions of important Polish and foreign prestigious companies and firms. She has designed the office and commercial space interiors for the firm Dribiarz, the Australian Travel Agency, the Headquarters of the State Forests, the firms Polmarc and Agro-Kem, the interiors of artistic leather studio the room of chocolate drinking in the company E.Wedel- S.A.- Pepsico and the beauty parlours, interiors of  the Cosmetic Institute of Health and Good looks run by Dr Irena Eris in Poland and foreign countries: Bogota (Columbia), Prague (The Chech Republic), Kaliningrad and Moscow (Russia) and a lot of small cosmetic rooms, hairdresser's saloons and dentist's surgeries, the dermatological training centre   and restaurants, cafes and bars,  the Irish Pub in Miodowa  Street in Warsaw, the bar FUKS and Frideric café in the Ostrogski Palace (the Chopin Museum), numerous little bars along the highways , seasonal café-gardens, The Pasibrzuch Inn, the partial designs in Dr Irena Eris hotels in Krynica Zdrój and Wzgórza Dylewskie and also numerous wedding reception rooms and the interiors of the Theatre Kamienica in Warsaw…
Individual exhibitions
In Poland
             1980  Community Center Trzcianka
             1985  The Club EMPiK Warsaw
             1990  the Gallery Verus  Warsaw
                      Children's drawings in tapestry ( the television programme Tik-Tak)
             2010  European Art meetings Festival of many arts, Ostromecko Palace
In foreign countries:  
             1986  Tabak Museum, Viena, Austria
             1988  Stockerau Kulturzentrum Belweder Schloss, Austria
             1988  Concept Gallery , Dusseldorf Germany
             1989  Rank Xerox, Vienna, Austria
             1990  Vintti Gallery, Kuopio Finland
             1992  Oakland Moha Gallery, California USA
             1992  Galeria Polska Los Angeles USA
             1992  Fort Mason Center Craft Museum, San Francisco, USA
             1993  Schoolhouse, New York, USA
             1994  Ludwa Gallery Carmel California, USA
             1995  Meeting with Poland St Josef Krankenhous Wuppertal, Germany

  Participation in collective exhibitions
In Poland
             1985  Weaving Miniatures Łódź
             1988  The artists of the SPAP group Galeria Plater Warsaw
             1989  The fortieth anniversary of Applied Art, Galeria  Zachęta  Warsaw
             1991  The artists of the SPAP group Wzór Galeria E. Plater Warsaw
             1992  The Warsaw Decade of Art, the exhibition of Warsaw artists output
                      of the SPAP group, The Academy of Fine Arts Warsaw
             1995  Weavings miniatures Łódź
             2013  “Trees of life” Klub Kultury Saska Kępa Warsaw
In foreign countries:
             1986  the exhibiton of Polish Artists, Stockholm , Sweeden
             1987  the exhibition of Polish Artists Basel, Switzerland
             1988  the Polish art  Volbank Heildelberg, Germany
             1989  Gallery Arteona, Brussels, Belgium
             1993  Christmas Show , Schoolhouse, New York (USA)
Her tapestries are present  in the Concert Hall of the Association of Polish Musicians (SPAM) in Warsaw, in the holiday centre of the Bureau of the Cabinet at the Headquarters of LOT (Polish Airlines), in the office of Polfarm and in the private collections in Poland and also in Austria, Finland, france, germany, Kuweit, Italy, Great Britain and United States of America (USA).
The American prestigious publications on art and the American local press called their attention to her individual exhibitions of textile arts.
 -     Fiber Arts Magazine of Textiles (the international magazine on art)
 -     Fortuna Polish Arts and Culture Foundation , San Francisco  
 -     The permanent publication of Are center For Mason Center San Francisco
 -     Piast News, Los Angeles
 -     Examiner Chronicle, San Francisco  
 -     Mercury News , San Jose  
 -     Rewity Hayward
 -     Marin Independent Sacramento, Sacramento Bay
 -     The permanent cooperation with the Polish monthly Cztery Kąty,  
 -     Słowo Powszechne
 -     Świat Kobiety
 -     Weranda
 -     Rezydencje